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ONE x ONE Bracelet

ONE x ONE Bracelet

The ideal way to show your support and become part of the JUST ONE mission. Take the JUST ONE Pledge and wear your support proudly with a handmade bracelet. Each piece is unique and features a single bead speaks simply to represents the one person whose life you have made a difference in. (Currently available in the U.S. only)

  • ONE X ONE Bracelet

    Bracelets are handmade and each is an individual work of art. Bead style may differ from pictures. Sliding knot style means one size fits most.  


    As this item is our gift, there are no returns. 


    Want to help us insure your $ go the farthest? Choose "Cover the Shipping" in your cart to defer the cost so 100% of your contribution goes to JUST ONE's greatest needs.

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